10 Beauty Commandments By Ioanna Lampropoulou

These are the ten beauty commandments that beauty blogger/vlogger Ioanna Lampropoulou has to propose for lipstick and lace followers.
Follow them faithfully and soon you'll see the good results!
I give you the most important beauty commandments to always live by, that will keep you looking gorgeous.
  1. Keep an emergency beauty kit. I never leave home without my tiny clutch where I keep the lip product I’m wearing that day, an eyeliner, a translucent face powder (which I use also as a dry shampoo in times of need) and  4 bobby pins.
  2. Enjoy what you already have. I don’t allow myself to spend money on a new mascara when I have already one opened lying in my beauty bag. If I like it, I use it. Until it ends/expires.
  3. Don’t mess with zits. Just don’t.
  4. Think ahead. I always wash and style my hair the night before a date/ interview/ work. It saves time and somehow it always turns out bad when I wait the last moment.
  5. Ensure you get your beauty sleep. Even if I apply the world’s most expensive face cream, I’ll never get that fresh morning glow on my skin. It’s not a myth, 6-7 full hours of quality sleep every night does miracles.
  6. Don’t sleep with makeup on. When I sleep in makeup and don’t properly cleanse my face, my skin is in an ugly shock for days. My pores are clogged, it leaves dirt on my pillow (eeeewwww), causes eye irritation (red eyes) and I look five years older. Pfff
  7. Don’t overscrub. This is counterproductive, it triggers more breakouts (skin produces more oils) and damages your skin. Plus if you have dry skin, the dryness will get worse (my life story). Scrub VERY gently for at least once to twice a week only.
  8. Don’t borrow your friend’s makeup. Or use “try-me” makeup testers from cosmetic counters. Yuck. Germs are everywhere. Sharing makeup is a big NO.You can always ask for a sample before you buy (and if you manage to get one please inform me-this goes only for Greece-) or try it on your hand.
  9. Don’t always follow trends. I watch them, filter the information and then keep only what suits me. Follow, get inspired and then do/don’t it. I mean, I also love Cara’s bushy eyebrows but thick eyebrows look bad on me, so I stay away from the bold eyebrow trend. It’s that simple.
  10. Check my site regularly. LOL. I’m your beauty edu-tainment.


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